Diploma of Mental Health

The Diploma of Mental Health is a vital qualification for professionals who are required to have a high level of specialist knowledge, skills and competencies in regard to this critical aspect of healthcare.

The Diploma covers key topics including laws affecting people with mental health issues, the range of services available and other health related issues.

The Diploma of Mental Health is AMA Training Services’ premier mental health course, delivered via our trainer supported Assisted Self Directed (ASD) mode of study.

The ASD training means you can progress studies at a rate that best suits your work / life balance requirements, confident in knowing that trainer support is only ever a phone call / email away.

AMA Training Services is a Study Loans accredited training provider, which gives eligible students the ability to spread the cost of their studies over a period of up to four years. (see more about Study Loans in the Course Fee section below).

Course Brochure (PDF):  View full details in the course brochure.

Assisted Self Directed (ASD) Delivery

The ASD delivery strategy allows students to choose their optimum pace and workload.

Each unit has a comprehensive learner's guide and assessment tool, with additional support and advice offered by the AMA's highly qualified trainers.

Course Structure (Complete all 20 Units)

The Diploma of Mental Health requires students to complete a minimum requirement of 160 hours paid or unpaid work to obtain this diploma. AMA Training is unfortunately not in a position to be able to find work placements on behalf of the students undertaking this course. Therefore we recommend that anyone wishing to study this diploma should already have access to a workplace setting in order to complete assessment requirements.

This qualification is typically completed within an 18 to 24 month period.

Total course fee:  $5,000
*Prior credit course fee:  $3,250 – see below      
An initial enrolment fee of $500 is all that is required to commence the course, which covers the cost of two Assisted Self Directed (ASD) units.
Thereafter, units are paid as they are undertaken. 
*If you have successfully completed a CHC43315 Certificate IV in Mental Health you will be eligible for at least seven credit transfers, bringing the cost of the Diploma down to the lower rate. Depending on the electives you chose when you completed the Certificate IV, you may be entitled to even more credit transfers. Our enrolment team will explore these options with you prior to commencing your studies.
AMA Training Services is a Study Loans accredited training provider. This course can be completed under a Study Loans arrangement by eligible students, allowing you to complete the course and pay for it over an extended period of time. To find out more, visit the Study Loans website.

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