Dementia Support – Service Delivery Skill Set

Dementia affects 50 million people worldwide, with 400,000 in Australia alone, and these numbers are increasing every year.

Providing compassionate and appropriate care for those affected is critical to ensuring quality of life is preserved and dignity instilled.

The CHCSS00095 – Dementia Support – Service Delivery Skill Set is a nationally accredited 4-unit course designed to up-skill existing care workers or those who have caring responsibility for someone affected by Dementia.

Delivered over four days by some of the AMA(WA)’s most experienced trainers, this dementia training course will impart critical skills such as:

  • Utilising appropriate communication strategies
  • Providing activities for maintenance of dignity, skills and health
  • Implementing strategies which minimise the impact of behaviours of concern
  • Developing strategies to meet unmet needs

The Dementia Support – Service Delivery Skill-set encompasses the following subjects:

Provide support to people living with dementia

  • Apply person-centred care approaches to all interactions with the person living with dementia
  • Interpret individualised plan and familiarise self with the specific needs and wants of the person living with dementia
  • Identify and address person’s needs for a stable and familiar environment
  • Recognise signs consistent with financial, physical or emotional abuse or neglect of the person and report to an appropriate person
  • Use verbal and non verbal communication strategies to maximise engagement of the person with dementia
  • Gain cooperation and provide reassurance as appropriate by using reality orientation
  • Use a range of validation strategies to relieve distress and agitation in the person
  • Organise activities which aim to maintain independence, using familiar routines and existing skills
  • Organise activities that are appropriate to the individual, reflecting their cultural likes and dislikes, in order to bring back pleasurable memories
  • Access information about the person’s reminiscences and routines with family and carers
  • Identify behaviours of concern and potential triggers
  • Take action to minimise the likelihood of and reduce the impact of behaviours on the person and others

Develop strategies to address unmet needs

  • Recognise signs that the person may have unmet needs
  • Establish ways of gathering information to confirm the scope and nature of the unmet needs
  • Identify other people who should be involved in the assessment process and facilitate their involvement
  • Contribute to the development of proactive support strategies that respect the dignity, rights and personal choices of the person
  • Incorporate approaches to address impaired social judgement and decision-making capacity where necessary and use a directive approach to setting limits and boundaries
  • Develop responses according to duty of care, ethical and legal requirements
  • Monitor effectiveness of strategies in developing and maintaining positive and adaptive responses
  • Monitor effectiveness of strategies in reducing risk of harm to the person and others
  • Review individualised plans and recommend modifications as required in consultation with appropriate staff and stakeholders

Facilitate responsible behaviour

  • Use formal and informal methods to observe and monitor individuals
  • Recognise situations for potential conflict and identify appropriate preventative and defusing strategies that can be employed
  • Consider cultural sensitivities and adapt style and language to accommodate different cultural values and practices
  • Identify potential causes of conflict and use a range of appropriate and effective defusing responses
  • Use negotiation techniques to divert and minimise aggressive behaviour
  • Follow procedures to ensure personal safety of self, the individual, colleagues and others

Course Code: Classroom – 1 Week

Duration: 4 days

Day: Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday

Location: AMA Nedlands Training Centre, 10 Stirling Highway

Contact Time Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm


2021 Course Dates

  • Thursday 17th June – Tuesday 22nd June
  • Thursday 9th September – Tuesday 14th September
  • Thursday 2nd December – Tuesday 7th December

Successful completion of this course will result in the issuing of the nationally accredited CHCSS00095 – Dementia Support – Service Delivery Skill Set, consisting of the following four units of competency:

  • CHCAGE005 Provide support to people living with dementia
  • CHCCCS008 Develop strategies to address unmet needs
  • CHCCCS009 Facilitate responsible behaviour
  • CHCCCS020 Respond effectively to behaviours of concer

These units can be used as credit toward further studies in the community services space.

This skill-set is aimed at experienced care workers with current industry experience or for those carers who are actively caring for a person with Dementia.

The skill-set has assessment requirements which will require students to have access to a workplace or person requiring support as a result of Dementia.

It is highly recommended participants hold a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support, or hold industry experience to an equivalent level.

Course Fee (Classroom):  $850

  • You can enrol with a 20% deposit when booked more than a week in advance
  • Deposits paid are non-refundable
  • Final payment of course fees are due 7 days prior to commencement of the course
  • A place in the virtual classroom is not guaranteed until full course fees are paid


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