About Us

AMA Training Services (RTO Code 2010) is a leading provider of vocational education and training, committed to the delivery of high quality training programs and qualifications that enable our students to learn new skills, build new competencies and excel in their chosen careers.

AMA Training Services has built a reputation as a high quality national training provider through dedicated staff and skilled trainers, maintaining strong academic rigour and ensuring the learning outcomes empower students to be better at what they do. We are focused on serving the general community, the private sector and government with highly capable graduates, when it comes to flexibility and high standards of education and assessment AMA Training Services truly stands alone.

AMA Training Services is a trading name of AMA Services (WA) Pty Ltd, part of the Australian Medical Association (WA) Inc. group of companies.


"Hazel is a great teacher with many interesting stories to tell. Hazel is an amazing person and fantastic at what she does. Lee-Anne has been very supportive in assisting me in completing my traineeship. She was also commended on her manner at my facility. "


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